The Only Platform with Fully Integrated Business Grade Security

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Patented AI-based security that defends against phishing, spear phishing, spam, malware, viruses, ransomware, and malicious emails. PLUS, easy to use email encryption, document encryption, email signing and intelligent unsubscribe.

Double Down - Customer Satisfaction + Upsell Revenue

Providing the right combination of security packages not only protects end-users from cyberattacks, but also increases retention and loyalty, reduces support calls, and protects your brand too.

Providing solid email security, plus a premium business upgrade option, gives your users the choice of cover, whilst significantly increasing your revenue.

The Complete Security Solution

Cutting Edge AI Technology

The only way to protect against advanced cybersecurity threats is to get ahead of the attackers – AI is the only way to go

Detect the Undetectable

Patented AI technologies block dynamic attacks that bypass traditional solutions

Catch & Identify Impersonators

By using Anomaly Detection and Natural Language Processing, it is possible to identify attackers posing as the CEOs, IT Staff, Security Officers, etc.

AI Plus Human Intelligence

To identify the subtle signs of a spear phishing attack, the AI is trained with user reports and live mailboxes

Unseen Abnormality Detection

Security that can identify what others miss: spoofed email addresses and domains, suspicious text content, anomalous email traffic and forged display names


How many languages? All of them! This patented anti-spear phishing technology identifies compromised business emails in any language

One Billion Live Feeds

All systems are only as good as the data they get. Our security receives threat intelligence from over a billion live mailboxes

Polymorphic and Zero Day Malware

Heuristics-based behavioral analysis is used to examine emails, webpages, and attachments to block evasive malware & ransomware attacks


Ransomware caused over $20 billion worth of damage in 2020. Our advanced anti-ransomware solution blocks even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks

Real-time Attachment Parsing

We scan all Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDFs, and ZIP files

Hosted-file Analysis

We can even analyze files from third party hosts, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Google, and WeTransfer

No Sandboxing or Quarantine

To identify the subtle signs of a spear phishing attack, the AI is trained with user reports and live mailboxes


Over one billion protected mailboxes provide continual threat intelligence to the SOC, resulting in an industry leading malware catch rate and a low false-positive rate

No Out-of-date Blocklists

Unlike solutions that rely only on blacklists, we areal-time behavioral analysis to detect dynamic phishing attacks and continually update the algorithms, so they are never out of date

Easy to Use Email Encryption

To send a secure encrypted email takes just one click

Email Encryption Anywhere

OX email encryption works anywhere. It does not matter if you swap browsers or even change machine, it simply works everywhere

PGP Made Simple

The OX email encryption system is based on PGP with Elliptic Curve cryptography. The most secure form of encryption, with single-click implementation

Email Signing

With OX Advanced Security, users have the option to easily sign their emails to defend against email tampering

Document Encryption

OX Advanced Security gives users the ability to encrypt all their documents stored in OX Drive. It is very safe and transparent for all OX Cloud users

Safe Unsubscribe Service

Unsubscribing from a subscription can be dangerous, and even lead to more problems. OX Advanced Security removes that danger by unsubscribing for you in a safe way

Intelligent Unsubscribe Service

The unsubscribe service offered in OX Advanced Security is intelligent. It processes each unsubscribe step, waiting until the request is acknowledged, and completes the process for you

Time-of-click Anti-Phishing

We analyze emails in real time and follow all redirections to determine if it is fraudulent. This is performed when the email is delivered, and at the time of click, to defend against time-bombed attacks.

No Setup

OX Advanced Security is built into the OX Cloud platform. Just activate it and you are done. There are no setup requirements

Business Grade

OX Advanced Security is powered by our partner Vade. A global leader in threat detection and response and already protects over one billion mailboxes

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Powered by Vade
Computer Vision Engine

OX Advanced Security is powered by our partner Vade. It is a global leader in threat detection and response and already protects over one billion mailboxes and analyzes more than 100 billion emails every day
Based on deep learning algorithms, this engine accurately detects common images used in phishing attacks. This is done by analyzing image rendering instead of the code

Simple and Secure


No Set-up

OX Advanced Security is built into the OX Cloud platform. Just activate it and you are done.
There are no setup requirements:

  • No software to install
  • No messy redirection of emails to somewhere else
  • No configuration

Control Over Your Emails

OX Advanced Security is part of the OX Cloud platform. Emails sent to you arrive and are examined on the platform. Your emails are not redirected somewhere else where you do not know what is happening to them. Your emails, your control.


The Best Security Available

The Open-Xchange security solution is based on world leading commercial products, supplied by our partner Vade. These are combined with our own unique features (e.g., email encryption) that are based on Open-Source and global standards (e.g., PGP and Elliptic Curve cryptography).


New Technologies vs. Old-School Practices

Threats used to be defended against with, what are now outdated techniques, such as Block Lists, Grey Lists, Rules-Engines, Sandboxing etc. Today hackers & spammers have advanced beyond these techniques. This is why Open-Xchange uses leading edge technologies such as AI, Heuristic Engines, Algorithms, Live Mailbox Feeds and even Vision-Based analysis.

OX Advanced Security at a Glance:
  • The most advanced email security made easy and live fast
  • Real-time protection, with no sandboxing, making it extremely fast
  • Time-of-click advanced phishing protection
  • Anti-spam and Antivirus protection
  • Malware and ransomware protection
  • Spear phishing & email phishing protection
  • IT Staff, HR, CEO etc. impersonation protection
  • Polymorphic and zero-day malware protection
  • Email URL and attachment analysis (Office documents, PDFs, ZIP files etc.)
  • Hosted file analysis (OneDrive, SharePoint, Google, WeTransfer etc.)
  • Spoofed email addresses and domains protection
  • Highly secure email encryption (PGP with Elliptic Curve cryptography)
  • Single-click email encryption
  • Document encryption
  • Email signing
  • Safe Unsubscribe service
  • User-based spam training
  • SPF/DKIM verification